Alpha Sigma Chapter
Colorado State University

Gamma Iota Chapter
Sacramento State University

Zeta Chapter
University of Illinois

Alpha Alpha Chapter
Michigan State University


Beta Zeta Colony
New Mexico State University

Alpha Iota Colony
Iowa State University

Boston Colony
Boston University

South Carolina Colony
University of South Carolina


Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, Kentucky

North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina

University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Columbus State Colony
Columbus, Georgia


Phi Kappa Tau is committed to offering all of its members a healthy and productive environment to become exemplary members of society and to provide an exemplary presence within their campus communities. If a chapter’s behavior falls below our standards, it is our responsibility to take action. Between March 2016 through February 2017 the above groups were closed for violating the Fraternity’s risk management policies.

Alpha Chapter
Miami University
Returning 2019

Epsilon Gamma Chapter
The College of New Jersey
Returning 2020

Gamma Nu Chapter
Rochester Institute of Technology
Returning 2020

Epsilon Nu Chapter
Clemson University
Returning 2021