It was all chance. One Sunday morning, as I was walking out of my dorm room on the way to church, Jon Spahr, Miami ’58, was doing the same. We decided to attend together. We became fast friends and later joined that group of nonconformists, Phi Kappa Tau.

Both Jon and I knew Phi Kappa Tau was something bigger than the both of us. We learned that if you want to go far, you go together. Four men started this association, but they brought others with them. The idea that we are standing on the shoulders of those who came before us was not lost on me.

Sixty years ago, I walked through the threshold of the Alpha house. Some of the best friendships I have ever built were in the chapter. To this day, I look forward to reconnecting with this group of men during reunions. They provided me great experiences and a library of colorful memories. I am honored to call them my friends and fraternity brothers.

I am standing on the shoulders of those who came before me. I benefited from their generosity as a student. When Carol and I started our estate planning, we knew Phi Kappa Tau would be named as a beneficiary. Looking back, Phi Kappa Tau shaped me to be the successful member of society I am. It was the place where I felt at home when I was away from my family. I want to ensure that future generations of Phi Kappa Tau brothers will have the same transformative experience that I did. You can, too.

Reverend Cal Klumb, Miami ’58, is retired. He lives with his wife, Carol, in Oxford, Ohio. Both are engaged in the local community and reconnect with other Phi Tau alumni on Miami’s campus during athletic events.