Written By: Tyler Wash, Georgetown ’06


President Lyndon Johnson said it best: “Do it now. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Not later today. Now.”

Action. It’s a simple word that often only the greatest can truly grasp. It is the ability to harness your basic principles, virtues and values into meaningful and transformational engagement. Positive action betters yourself, your family, and the world.

Within our Fraternity, action is the fundamental foundation for fraternity. For without action—positive action that is meaningful and transformational—the bonds that bind all Phi Kappa Tau brothers together become threatened. The strength of the chapter is threatened. The health of the National Fraternity is threatened.

How do we avoid these threats? We take positive action.

Phi Tau’s call to action is to “Go Far!” It’s a challenge for undergraduates and alumni, alike.

Go Far means taking action—not sitting idle.

Go Far is an invitation to be bold—not conforming to the status quo.

Go Far is pursing excellence in everything we do—not settling for average.

The grand history of Phi Kappa Tau is filled with stories of men taking action, pursing excellence and not conforming to the status quo. That calling is in our DNA. It is who we are—from the establishment of the Non-Fraternity Association to the installation of our newest chapter, Zeta Xi at the University of South Carolina.

Today, the call to action lives inherently in our undergraduates, officers, donors, chapters, leaders, staff and volunteers. Men and women, young and old, take action and give of their time, talent and treasure to ensure Phi Kappa Tau remains a positive driving force on campuses across the United States.

Phi Kappa Tau has a unique and positive identity. We develop men of character into men of distinction. We are called to lead men, inspire hearts and serve others. We strive to always uphold our Cardinal Principles of Phi, Kappa and Tau. The foundation of our fraternal strength is ever present. It is now time to renew a commitment to action—meaningful, transformational action.

#GoFar—The call to action starts now!


This article appears in the December 2017 issue of the Laurel, which can be viewed online, in its entirety, at phikappatau.org/laurel.