Written by: Travis Robinson, Eastern Kentucky ’96

In 2016, Phi Kappa Tau announced a new strategic partnership with EverFi Inc. to offer online education through GreekLifeEdu. This program leverages trends and incorporates multiple evidence-based learning theories in order to achieve behavior change objectives and helps our members practice safer decision-making. What does this mean? Travis Robinson, Eastern Kentucky ‘96, Phi Kappa Tau’s Chief Operating Officer, explains and offers his perspective on how this partnership will change the landscape of Phi Kappa Tau.

Why is this important?

I believe strongly in the value that a positive fraternity experience has on a young man’s growth and development. The implementation of GreekLifeEdu is the first of many initiatives aimed to shift our institutional thinking from “risk management” to “prevention and wellness” for Phi Kappa Tau. The shift in philosophy, including this new partnership, is the result of the work that has come out of our strategic plan, Phi Kappa Tau 2020.

What needs to change in our culture?

In helping our brothers grow into men of distinction, we need to give them the tools to not only be educated, but aware and empowered. Phi Taus need to “own it”—own their behavior, own their actions, own their Phi Tau experience. Own their future.

What topics does GreekLifeEdu address?

GreekLifeEdu addresses the critical issues of alcohol awareness, sexual assault and hazing for fraternity and sorority members through a unique, confidential and personal experience. The program modules provide personalized feedback, interactive sections, and resources to apply the skills and knowledge gained through the process.

How many students participated in the first year?

More than 95 percent of Phi Tau undergraduates fully participated in the online program.

Can we use GreekLifeEdu to better understand our brothers and their needs?

We are able to collect cumulative data on our member’s attitudes towards healthy behavior and relationships. We can drill down into the data and further identify possible problem issues. This helps us to work proactively with chapters which might be slipping into a possibly negative culture, while better reinforcing the positive behavior of other chapters. Data collected will better inform our organizational strategies and allow us to target and customize solutions.

What is the overall goal?

It’s simple. The goal is for all Phi Kappa Tau brothers to have a positive fraternity experience.

What is the next step?

Phi Kappa Tau is currently developing a “stoplight” system to help monitor chapter behavior. We will be hosting focus groups with undergraduate leaders and will pilot a series of new programs with individual chapters.

Any final thoughts?

Phi Kappa Tau stands committed to providing its members with a fun, challenging and safe Fraternity experience. The Fraternity’s partnership with EverFi lets us focus on prevention and wellness. which will lead to thoughtful, sensible approaches to enhance the Fraternity experience for all members, guiding them on the path from excellence to distinction.

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This article appears in the December 2017 issue of the Laurel, which can be viewed online, in its entirety, at phikappatau.org/laurel.