The storied partnership between Phi Kappa Tau & SeriousFun Children’s Network took another leap forward in 2017. Kids’ laughter will grow a little louder & camp will be a little bigger this year for SeriousFun. Altogether, Phi Kappa Tau’s donations came in to about $130,000 to SeriousFun, a jump of about $30,000 from the year prior. This would be one of the largest increases in donations from Phi Tau in its 22-year partnership with SeriousFun.

More over from our partnership, we cast these actions as nothing more or nothing less than the core values of our organization – who we are as men of distinction. This news has a large impact on the progress being made with Phi Kappa Tau’s 2020 Strategic Plan, which is enumerated with initiatives to guide our organization into the next decade. Phi Tau national president, Mike Dovilla, shares his thoughts on this important step forward.

“Service is one of the five strategic imperatives in Phi Kappa Tau 2020, our four-year strategic plan. Under the leadership of National Service Advisor Doug Sitzler, Miami ’06, and his committee, the Fraternity is advancing with clarity and intention on a number of goals,” Dovilla said. “It is clear from the concerted efforts our brothers are making with SeriousFun fundraising that many in our number are living out this philosophy of selfless service.”

Our service is at the core of our partnership & our dedication means the world to our friends at SeriousFun. The steps taken in 2017 mean 51 more kids can attend camp – that’s 11 more kids than 2016. For those that may not know, cabin’s can range from eight to 12 kids in occupancy. Allison Csonka, Associate Director of Individual Giving at SeriousFun, gave her thoughts on the significant increase in donations & what it means for our partnership.

“For more than 22 years, SeriousFun Children’s Network has been the national philanthropy of Phi Kappa Tau and we are so proud to have them as a partner,” Csonka said. “Every year, Phi Kappa Tau’s commitment to support our camps results in increased fundraising and hundreds of much needed male volunteers who are heroes to our campers. This partnership is as strong as it has ever been, and we are thankful for their dedication.”

Many brothers across the country share the goal of service & mindset of supporting others. However, for some, the path to give their time, talent or treasure is unknown. Our call to those men is to explore the various camps around you. Choose to spend a weekend volunteering at a camp near you. For any direct questions about how to volunteer or for your chapter to raise money, please reach out to your chapter or colony’s success manager!