Happy Founders Day brothers!  Most especially, Happy Founders Day to Zeta Omicron chapter!  That’s right, today as we celebrate the birth of our organization 112 years ago, Phi Kappa Tau is also chartering our 159th chapter at Arizona State University.

It shouldn’t surprise us, really, that an organization built on the principles of democracy, square dealing and equality is having birthdays into our 12th decade and adding new campuses to our ranks. The experience created then and now is one of true fraternity that is rooted in our Ritual, our Creed and our Mission.

In the Spring of 1907, members of the Non-Fraternity Association gathered to celebrate the successes of their first year and to contemplate the future. This gathering would later be recorded as the first Founders Day Banquet and is considered the fraternity’s oldest tradition.

Just as our brothers did on our first birthday, let us celebrate.  We can and should celebrate Going Far for the past 112 years.  But let us also contemplate the future and the need to stay true to a fraternal experience that promotes our ideals and indeed marks us as Men of Distinction.

In Phi,



Wm. Tim Hudson
Chief Executive Officer
Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity & Foundation