May 29th, 2018: Oxford Ohio – Last Friday, May 25th, Phi Kappa Tau Hall of Fame member and Indiana University football coach Bill Mallory passed away at 82 years of age.

Bill Mallory, Miami ’54, served as Indiana University’s head coach for a thirteen-year stretch, from 1984-1996. He took Indiana University to six bowl games in an eight-season stretch and he was head coach for two of Indiana’s three bowl victories. Bill was awarded back-to-back Big Ten Coach of the Year Awards and to this day continues to be the only Indiana coach to beat Ohio State and Michigan in the same season (1987).

He will be remembered for his intense loyalty to his players, both during their time in the football program and as alumni. He is also one of the founders of Assembly Call, which may never have been formed without his help.

Bill’s memorial service will be held this coming Saturday, June 2nd, at First United Methodist Church in Bloomington. A ceremony will be held afterward at Memorial Stadium at 1:30 pm.

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