The Phi Kappa Tau National Council recently passed a Social Media Policy for the Fraternity.

“Phi Kappa Tau is an organization that believes in the ideals of learning, leading and serving,” said CEO Tim Hudson, Truman State ’97. Hudson continued, “These values are not only shown through the actions of our members, but also throughout social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great tools to publicize the good works of our brothers and chapters.”

Every member, chapter and alumni group has the opportunity to promote the Fraternity by sharing information through social media. Members, chapters and alumni groups engaged in social media help the National Fraternity create a stronger, more impactful online presence than could otherwise be achieved by a small number of people using traditional communications. Members, chapters and alumni groups should keep the Fraternity mission, vision and values in mind when using the name Phi Kappa Tau.

In conjunction with the policy, the Executive Offices has released a set of guidelines that advance the Phi Kappa Tau brand and members’, chapters’, and alumni groups’ personal brands on social media.

“Social Media is no longer the Wild West,” said COO Travis Robinson, Eastern Kentucky ’96. Robinson continued, “There are standards, rules and decorum that everyone should follow to be successful. The guidelines were produced to help chapters, alumni groups and general brother be success on a variety of social media platforms.”

Phi Kappa Tau believes that all members, chapters, and alumni groups should be active participants in social media while upholding Phi Kappa Tau’s values.

The National Council and the Executive Offices Staff encourages all chapter offices and BOG members to review the Social Media Policy and Guidelines with brothers during the first chapter meeting of the year. You can view a copy of the social media policy and guidelines here.