Quintet of Distinguished Brothers to Lead Standing Panels in Cleveland

OXFORD, OHIO—National President Mike Dovilla, Baldwin Wallace ’94, today announced the appointment of five experienced brothers to lead the standing committees of the 63rd National Convention.

Under Title 26 of the National Statutes, the National President is required to appoint committees on credentials, jurisprudence, delegates’ requests, scholarship, and resolutions.  The Call of Convention distributed to the brotherhood in early February envisioned an earlier appointment of chairmen than has become the accepted practice in recent years.  At the winter meeting of the National Council, held last month in Tampa, Florida, the president advised fellow members of the board of directors of the following appointments:

  • Credentials – Anthony C. Marucci, Jr., Mississippi State ’89
  • Delegates’ Requests John Kaczynski, Central Michigan ’04
  • Jurisprudence Jeremy M. Glesner, Longwood ’95
  • Resolutions John H. Sayers, Bethany ’78
  • Scholarship  Dr. Stephen Rupprecht, Oswego State ’91

“We are fortunate these distinguished brothers have answered the call to serve Phi Kappa Tau at its upcoming National Convention,” said President Dovilla.  “Our chairmen have volunteered at the highest levels of the Fraternity, including as national councilors, national advisors, and committee chairmen.  The group includes a bearer of the Palm Award and two Borradaile Award recipients.  Together, they possess nearly 140 years of engaged membership in Phi Kappa Tau.  I am grateful for the willingness of these brothers once again to lend specialized skills and expertise to the Fraternity.”

The new graduate nominating committee policy unanimously adopted by the National Council in October 2017 also calls for the appointment of a Graduate Nominating Committee.  That panel of seven brothers is currently accepting applications for four board positions which will be elected by the Convention.

Prescribed in the National Constitution, Convention is the Fraternity’s supreme legislative body.  On 62 occasions since 1911, Phi Kappa Tau brethren have met to debate the issues of the day and to elect leaders.  The National Fraternity’s biennial gathering will take place July 11-15, 2018, in Cleveland, Ohio.

For more information, please visit https://www.phikappatau.org/programs/convention/.