Building Men of Character Retreats
A Building Men of Character retreat will provide your chapter with a clear vision and goals of what you want your chapter to be and the process to accomplish those goals.

Offered throughout the year, a Building Men of Character (BMC) Retreat is a two-day chapter focused program which will result in the chapter developing a vision and plan of action for positive change in the chapter. After participating in this program full of engaging activities, chapter members will gain a deeper and greater understanding of Phi Kappa Tau values in order to develop leadership, enhance communication, emphasize chapter identity and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.

Chapter must request at least two months in advance.

Contact Associate Director of Education and Wellness Jess Schauble with specific questions about this service event.


The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity maintains a list of professionals, volunteers and alumni interested in facilitating an educational program. Interested individuals should complete the facilitator interest form for consideration in upcoming Men of Character programs.