Leadership Academy Funding

By the Borradaile Challenge standards, each chapter is expected to send two members to Leadership Academy. Because there are a limited number of undergraduate spots at Leadership Academy, the Fraternity will allow the first two registrants from each chapter. Additional registrants will be put on a waiting list. After these dates, if there are more spots to be filled, those on the waiting list will be given a spot.

A single registration is $550. This fee covers all transportation to/from the Academy site from airport, meals, basic lodging, all Academy events and sessions, and Academy souvenirs. 

At the time of registration, each undergraduate is asked to submit a payment of $50 toward registration.

The remaining $500 balance for each registration ($550 minus the initial $50 payment) will be resolved first by alumni donations/sponsorships, second by the Leadership Academy Pool, which is billed at a rate of $500 per semester to each chapter, and third by a chapter’s Chapter Educational Grant (CEG) Fund through the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation.

NOTE: Only chapters that have kept their accounts current with the Executive Offices have a full Leadership Academy Pool. The Leadership Academy Pool balance does not transfer from year to year, so please keep in mind that you must use your Pool money this year as it will not transfer.

Each student is primarily responsible for covering his own travel expenses to Leadership Academy. However, some chapters will cover these expenses through their chapter budget or CEG fund through the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation.

In order to be eligible for a sponsorship and/or to be eligible for travel reimbursement, a student must attend all Leadership Academy sessions (Thurs-Sun) and comply with the Leadership Academy Agreement to Expectations, including the understanding to remain substance-free for the entire week of Leadership Academy.

Chapters with a registered participant who either does not attend the Academy or who misses any session of the Academy will be charged a $500 no-show fee. The Academy Pool and $50 registration fee is non-refundable.