Presidents Academy Funding

The total Presidents Academy registration cost is $400 ($50 fee at the time of registration and an additional $350 cost, which is covered through the conference pool for the president to attend).

Because the chapter has already paid for the majority of the program via chapter dues through the conference pool, it is the responsibility of the chapter operational budget/president to pay the remaining $50 balance at the time of registration.

Travel Reimbursement

Each participant is primarily responsible for covering his own travel to Presidents Academy.

Participants may apply for a Chapter Education Grant (CEG) Fund or Leadership Endowment to cover up to 100% of the travel (assuming your chapter has sufficient CEG Funds and the BOG chairman approves), all gas receipts and/or flight receipts must be submitted to the Executive Offices within 10 days of the conclusion of the program.

Participant will not be reimbursed until the participant has attended the program.

If the chapter does not have sufficient CEG/Leadership Endowment funds, you may (and should) utilize funds from your chapter operational budget to cover the remaining travel costs. If sufficient funds are not available, it will be the responsibility of the participant to cover his travel to the program.

(Travel costs—First Choice: CEG/Leadership Endowment Fund, Second Choice: chapter operational budget, Third Choice: participant)

NOTE: Each student is primarily responsible for covering his own travel to Dallas for Presidents Academy. Lodging expenses are covered by the Fraternity through your conference pool. 

In order to be eligible for a registration fee/ travel reimbursement, the participant must attend all Presidents Academy sessions (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Chapters with a registered participant who either does not attend the program or who misses any session of the conference will not be refunded the $50 registration fee or $350 conference cost.
Contact Programming Coordinator Dustin BrownGeorgetown ’05, with questions regarding the program.