Regional Conference Funding

The total Regional Conference registration cost is $50 ($10 fee at the time of registration and an additional $40 cost, which is covered through the conference pool for eight members). Because the chapter has already paid for the majority of the event via chapter dues, it is the responsibility of the chapter participants to pay the remaining $10 balance at the time of registration.

If a chapter sends more than eight members to Regional Conferences, the total event registration is $50. The member will pay the $10 registration fee (at the time of registration), as well as be responsible for the remaining $40 cost (due prior to the event). If the chapter operational budget has the funds to pay the remaining balance, approval for use is at the discretion of the chapter’s executive council. If the chapter has a Chapter Educational Grant Fund, it may also be used to pay the remaining balance, and approval for use is at the discretion of the BOG chairman.

A chapter/colony should attend the regional conference closest to them. A risk management best practice is to attend a conference that requires less then 8 hours of travel by car and/or 520 miles by car (at the speed limit) to attend. The fraternity makes every effort to deliver conferences within these guidelines but is not always possible. If you choose to attend a conference beyond these restrictions or one is not available, common carrier travel should be utilized (ex. airplane, bus, etc.). If this is the case and your chapter has a funded CEG account you should work with your BOG Chairman to help assist witht he cost of your travel. If a chapter/colony commutes more than 3 hours, lodging should be reserved.

For more information on the Chapter Educational Grant funding and to apply for a Chapter Educational Grant, click here.

Contact Programming Coordinator Dustin Brown, Georgetown ’05, with questions regarding the conference.

NOTE: Each student is primarily responsible for covering his own travel and lodging expenses to Regional Conferences. However, some chapters will cover these expenses through their chapter budget or CEG Fund through the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation.

In order to be eligible for a sponsorship and/or to be eligible for travel/lodging reimbursement, a student must attend all Regional Conference sessions (all day Saturday). Chapters with a registered participant who either does not attend the conference or who misses any session of the conference will not be refunded the $10 registration fee or $40 conference cost.