Regional Conference Travel Policy and Funding

The Regional Conference registration fee is $10 per participant for the first eight participants.

If a chapter sends more than eight members to Regional Conferences, the total registration fee is $50. The member will pay the $10 registration fee (at the time of registration), as well as be responsible for the remaining $40 cost (chapter invoice). If the chapter has a Chapter Educational Grant (CEG) fund, it may be used to cover 40% of the costs, and approval for use is at the discretion of the BOG chairman.

A chapter/colony should attend the regional conference closest to them. A risk management best practice is to attend a conference that requires less than 8 hours of travel by car and/or 520 miles by car to attend. The fraternity makes every effort to deliver conferences within these guidelines but is not always possible. If you choose to attend a conference beyond these restrictions or one is not available, common carrier travel should be utilized (ex. airplane, bus, etc.). If this is the case and your chapter has a funded CEG account, you should work with your BOG Chairman to help assist with the cost of your travel. If a chapter/colony commutes more than 3 hours, lodging should be reserved.

For more information on the Chapter Educational Grant funding and to apply for a Chapter Educational Grant, click here

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NOTE: The chapter/colony is responsible for covering participant travel and lodging expenses to Regional Conferences if applicable. Chapters with funded CEG’s can apply to have 40% of their expenses covered at the discretion of the BOG chairman.

In order to be eligible for CEG funds a participant must attend all Regional Conference sessions. Chapters with a registered participant who either does not attend the conference or who misses any session of the conference will not be refunded the $10 registration fee or $40 conference cost.  In addition, travel expenses will no longer be eligible for reimbursement.