Domain Director Certification Program

Each of the certification program’s three parts are approximately 20 minutes in length. The certification program will cover the basics of the newly developed job description. Once you have successfully completed the certification program’s three parts, you will be a properly prepared for the onsite Domain Director meeting at the 59th National Convention.

Domain Director Certification
Topics Covered: Purpose, Requirements and Success Metrics
Supplemental Resources for Domain Director

General Risk Management Certification
Topics Covered: Liability Insurance Coverage, FIPG Risk Management Policy and Risk Management Programming
Supplemental Resources for General Risk Management

Working with Today’s Phi Tau Certification
Topics Covered: The Purpose of Phi Kappa Tau, The Phi Kappa Tau Dictionary, Working with Millennials and Tackling Tough Issues
Supplemental Resources for Working with Today’s Phi Tau

At the completion of each part of the certification program, you will need to take a survey. Once all three parts of the certification program have been successfully completed and the Executive Offices receive the corresponding surveys, you will have the baseline of knowledge to advise the chapters and Board of Governors in your domain.

The onsite Domain Director meeting will take place during the 59th National Convention in Denver, Colo. Look for more information when you arrive at the Convention site. If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinator of Volunteer Development.