Give Now to Phi Kappa Tau
Giving back to Phi Kappa Tau is one of the finest traditions of our Fraternity.

Learn more about the ways you can impact Phi Kappa Tau by exploring each campaign below. After submitting your gift to a certain campaign, you have the option of dedicating it in honor of a specific person or designating it to a particular chapter or program. Simply specify the person, program or chapter in the additional instructions box. If you have questions about your gift and its designation, feel free to give us a call at (800) PKT-1906.

Ewing T. Boles Society

SeriousFun Stipend Fund

Men of Character Scholarships

One-Time Gift Recurring Gift

Parents and Friends Fund

Alpha-Miami Beta-Ohio Gamma-Ohio State Delta-Centre Epsilon-Mount Union Zeta Colony-Illinois Eta-Muhlenberg Theta-Transylvania Iota-Coe Kappa-Kentucky Lambda-Purdue Mu-Lawrence Nu-UC Berkeley Xi-Franklin & Marshall Omicron-Penn State Pi-Southern California Rho-Rensselaer Sigma-Syracuse Tau-Michigan Upsilon-Nebraska Wesleyan Phi-Bethany Chi-North Carolina State Psi-Colorado Omega-Wisconsin-Madison Alpha Alpha Colony-Michigan State Alpha Beta-New York Alpha Gamma-Delaware Alpha Delta-Case Western Alpha Epsilon-Kansas State Alpha Zeta-Oregon State Alpha Eta-Florida Alpha Theta Colony-William & Mary Alpha Iota-Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa-Washington State Alpha Lambda-Auburn Alpha Mu-Ohio Wesleyan Alpha Nu-Iowa State Alpha Xi-West Virginia Alpha Omicron-Lafayette Alpha Pi-Washington Alpha Rho-Georgia Tech Alpha Sigma Colony-Colorado State Alpha Tau-Cornell Alpha Upsilon-Colgate Alpha Phi-Akron Alpha Chi-Mississippi State Alpha Psi-Texas-El Paso Alpha Omega-Baldwin-Wallace Beta Alpha-Texas-Austin Beta Beta-Louisville Beta Gamma-Idaho Beta Delta-U of Miami Beta Epsilon-Southern Mississippi Beta Zeta-New Mexico State Beta Eta-New Mexico Beta Theta-Kansas Beta Iota-Florida State Beta Kappa-Oklahoma State Beta Lambda-Indiana Beta Mu-Kent State Beta Nu-San Diego State Beta Xi-Georgia Beta Omicron-Maryland Beta Pi-Middlebury Beta Rho-UCLA Beta Sigma-Idaho State Beta Tau-Bowling Green Beta Upsilon-Hobart Beta Phi-Westminster Beta Chi-Southern Illinois Beta Psi-Cal State-Long Beach Beta Omega-Cal State-Chico Gamma Alpha-Michigan Tech Gamma Beta-Cincinnati Gamma Gamma-St. John's Gamma Delta-Northern Michigan Gamma Epsilon-U of the Pacific Gamma Zeta-Connecticut Gamma Eta-East Carolina Gamma Theta-Western Michigan Gamma Iota Colony-Sacramento-State Gamma Kappa-C.W. Post Gamma Lambda-Central Michigan Gamma Mu-Bradley Gamma Nu-RIT Gamma Xi-East Central Oklahoma Gamma Omicron-Cal State-Fullerton Gamma Pi-Youngstown Gamma Rho-Nebraska-Kearney Gamma Sigma-UC-Davis Gamma Tau-Old Dominion Gamma Upsilon-Spring Hill Gamma Phi-Northeastern Gamma Chi-Delta State Gamma Psi-Texas State-San Marcos Gamma Omega-La Salle Delta Alpha-Iowa Wesleyan Delta Beta-Evansville Delta Gamma-Ole Miss Delta Delta-Bryant Delta Epsilon-St. Cloud Delta Zeta-Emporia State Delta Eta-Marshall Delta Theta-Georgetown Delta Iota-New Mexico Highlands Delta Kappa-Tennessee Delta Lambda-Muskingum Delta Mu-Santa Fe Delta Nu-Wright State Delta Xi-Cleveland State Delta Omicron-Pan American Delta Pi-Murray State Delta Rho-Eastern Kentucky Delta Sigma-Webber Delta Tau-Cal Poly-Pomona Delta Upsilon-Tennessee-Martin Delta Phi-Arkansas Delta Chi-Rochester Delta Psi-Rider Delta Omega-Truman State Epsilon Alpha-Texas A&M Epsilon Beta-West Virginia Tech Epsilon Gamma-College of New Jersey Epsilon Delta-Virginia Wesleyan College Epsilon Epsilon-William Paterson Epsilon Zeta-Buffalo Epsilon Eta-Oswego State Epsilon Theta-San Francisco State Epsilon Iota-Barry Epsilon Kappa-Rutgers Epsilon Lambda-Longwood Epsilon Mu-UNC-Pembroke Epsilon Nu-Clemson Epsilon Xi-Pace Epsilon Omicron-Frostburg State Epsilon Pi-Northern Kentucky Epsilon Rho-Indiana U of Pennsylvania Epsilon Sigma-Chapman Epsilon Tau-Arizona Epsilon Upsilon-St. Louis Epsilon Phi-Indiana State Epsilon Chi-Virginia Tech Epsilon Psi-John Carroll Epsilon Omega-Shepherd Zeta Alpha-Belmont Zeta Beta-SVSU Zeta Gamma-San Jose Zeta Delta-Charleston Zeta Epsilon-Lynchburg Zeta Zeta-Illinois-Springfield Zeta Eta-Alabama Zeta Theta-North Texas Zeta Iota-Indiana-Kokomo Zeta Kappa-Kenyon Zeta Lambda-Middle Tennesse State Zeta Mu-Appalachian Zeta Nu-UMD Lock Haven Colony-Lock Haven Arizona State Colony-Arizona State One-Time Gift Recurring Gift