Why join phi tau?

Phi Kappa Tau was founded in 1906 as the non-fraternity association. Even though we’ve adopted Greek letters, to this day we continue to carry similar ideals of providing a nontraditional experience.

As a Founding Father, you have the opportunity to create a chapter you can be proud of. You can mold your Fraternity into the experience you want, rather than one that is planned out for you.

At established chapters, you will have the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills by running for officer positions such as President, Vice President, or Treasurer, or hold a chair position such as Recruitment Chair or Alumni Relations Chair.

With Phi Kappa Tau you are not just joining a house, you are building a brotherhood.

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Benefits of Joining

We’re a social Fraternity, but that means more than just weekends. We want to help you expand your network whether that’s personal, professional, or otherwise. By joining Phi Tau, you have access to our six annual education programs, several of which have multiple sessions. These highly lauded programs focus on everything from leadership development to recruitment to chapter management. Through these programs we want to further your development as well-rounded, character driven young men.

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Our six educational programs:

  • Leadership Academy

  • Presidents Academy

  • Volunteer Development Institute

  • Regional Conferences

  • Building Men of Character Retreat

  • Good to Great Retreat

To find out more about our National Programs click here.

Additionally, by being admitted to Phi Tau membership, you have access to over 60 scholarships and grants that are available year after year. These funds are based on academic merit, community service, leadership, and other various criteria. Awards are decided spring of each year. To find out more information and to apply, click here.


We have high expectations for our undergraduates - that’s why our numbers are above always average. Phi Kappa Tau boasts:

  • A 3.1 GPA

  • An 85% retention rate compared to the national average of 72%

  • A 92% graduation rate compared to the national average of 59%

The Greek system is one of the largest networking bases in the United States. With over 9 million members, there is not a field or endeavor where you will not find someone who was involved in a Greek organization. Like the Greek system at large, there is hardly a field where a Phi Tau has not left their footprint. Our members go on to have exceptional careers in whatever field they choose, but our Founding Fathers tend to be particularly innovative, self starters. These men learned through their colony and chartering experience the value of hard work and the fulfillment that comes with the execution of a vision. Here are what some of our recent Founding Fathers are up to:

Stephen (center)

Stephen (center)

Stephen Pollock, South Carolina ‘17

When Stephen Pollock, South Carolina ‘17, went through the recruitment process, he didn’t find anything that stood out. “I didn’t find the connection with a group of people I was looking for,” he said. “I don’t like to be misrepresented by the people I surround myself with.” So when the national recruiters came to campus in 2016, Stephen felt he had finally found a group that shared his values. “The ‘Men of Distinction’ really resonated with me. I felt like because the organization was new on campus, we had the opportunity to mold it into what we wanted it to be.”

Stephen was the first President of the Zeta Xi chapter and finished his senior year as campus IFC President. Stephen graduated from University of South Carolina in 2019 and is working on obtaining his commercial real estate license.


Cliff Unger, Arizona ‘98

Cliff was never interested in Greek life until he was contacted by Phi Kappa Tau recruiters during his third year at the University of Arizona. He became captivated by the idea of building something from the ground up that aligned with his values. “The experience as a Founder has had an immeasurable impact on my career,” he said. Among this impact was these collaborative and organizational skill he gained, as well as an understanding of personal accountability. Cliff believes joining Phi Tau should be a part of undergraduates’ journey towards developing as young men and preparing for life beyond college. Additionally, students should use Phi Tau to build their network of relationships.

Today Cliff is an accomplished sales leader who finds himself using the skills he gained from Phi Tau in his day-to-day life. He is currently the Director of Strategic Sales at InVision App, a late stage start up, and lives in Denver.


Brandon Lewis, Middle Tennessee ‘15

With a 3.75 GPA and involvement in several campus groups, Brandon’s first semester at Middle Tennessee State University was off to a great start, but that all changed several months later. “Unfortunately, I got wrapped up with some stuff off-campus that sort of derailed me,” Brandon said of this sudden plunge in his academic success. That spring his GPA fell to a 1.8 and, following a similar one in the fall, he lost his academic funding. Brandon had to return to his parents house and commute.

While he was in the process of putting the pieces of his college career back together, Brandon ran into some Phi Tau recruiters on campus. “I was in the middle of this process to become a better person; the ability to become a leader and be trained to motivate people was appealing.” Brandon jumped into his role as Membership Orientation Officer. Because of the hard work he put in those first two years, the Zeta Lambda chapter is thriving.

After graduating, Brandon began working at the Executive Offices in 2016 as a Success Manager. In 2018 he was promoted to Associate Director of Chapter Services, where he manages colony oversight.


Phi Kappa Tau has a zero tolerance hazing policy.

As a Founding Father, you will have the opportunity to create a positive environment and set the standard of acceptable behavior. For this reason in particular, we need our colony members to be strong leaders with clear morals so they can set a precedent for years to come.

It is our goal to develop you as a scholar, leader, and a man of character. If you feel as though there are Phi Tau members not upholding our values, fill out this form for immediate assistance.