There are several factors that go into the making of a healthy colony. One of the most integral components is an active advisory team known as a Board of Governors. Our Board of Governors is comprised of the nine primary advisors that you see below. No two chapters or colonies are exactly the same and we don’t expect our advisory team to be as such. Our Boards have the ability to add further specialized positions as they see fit, to ensure the best experience possible for our undergraduate members.

The following is a brief description of the various Board of Governors Position:

  • Board of Governors Chairman - responsible for communication amongst the Board members, their primary goal is to organize and execute the meeting schedule and agenda.

  • Financial Advisor - responsible for helping the chapter maintain strong financial practices; this includes budgeting and paying all bills, communication with vendors, Executive Offices staff, and the chapter/colony treasurer

  • Alumni Relations Advisor - works closely with the Vice President of Alumni Relations and the Graduate Council to ensure that positive relationships between alumni and undergraduates are being fostered

  • Faculty Advisor - serves as university representation on behalf of the Resident Council

  • Chapter/Colony Advisor - the most accessible advisor to the undergraduates and attends the majority of meetings or events to provide firsthand guidance

  • Recruitment & Retention Advisor - works in conjunction with the Resident Council Recruitment Chair and committee to ensure the chapter is growing consistently and responsibly

  • Risk Management Advisor - assists with the oversight of chapter/colony operations to ensure that best practices are being used to promote the well-being of our members

  • Scholarship Advisor - enforces academic accountability and provides insight and resources to guide the undergraduates towards higher scholastic achievements 

  • Philanthropy/Service Advisor - assists with the planning and development of service and philanthropy based initiatives as well as tracking for accreditation purposes

For more information or to get involved please contact our Associate Director of Organizational Growth, Darryl Thompson.


Borradaile Challenge


The Borradaile Challenge is Phi Kappa Tau’s accreditation program to annually assess our chapters’ performance. It takes into account metrics like GPA, service hours, philanthropic dollars raised, recruitment and retention. This assessment helps provide a snapshot of a chapter’s progress and is used in quarterly and annual goal setting with their Success Manager.

Here is the Borradaile Challenge breakdown.


Chartering Requirements

The following document details the standards a chapter must meet in order to be eligible for chartering. Until all standards at met, the group will retain its colony status. When the colony has earned its chartering metrics the group will be approved for chartering by the Phi Kappa Tau National Council.

Read our chartering requirements here.


Risk Management

The Risk Management Policy includes the provisions, which follow and shall apply to all fraternity entities and all levels of fraternity membership. This document includes Phi Kappa Tau policy on hazing, alcohol, and sexual misconduct.

Phi Kappa Tau is committed to providing a safe experience for our undergraduate members. If you have questions about our risk management policies or concerns they are not being addressed properly you can contact our Director of Chapter Services Tristan Conroy.