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Recruitment Resources

See below for print/digital resources for chapter use. All templates are available for download and chapter use or may serve as a starting point for your recruitment marketing. Where applicable the source psd files will be provided.


A sample schedule, to use either take the pdf and drop into your preferred text editing software and arrange it to send to the back then place your text above it. Png and psd files are available as well to further manipulate the image.

Schedule pdf

Schedule png

Schedule psd

social Square

The square is much more social media friendly. Suggested uses are to promote singular events or chapter images in the square as you lead up to recruitment. Similar to the schedule a pdf, png, and psd file are provided.

Social Square pdf

Social Square png

Social Square psd

snapchat filter

Very useful for impressions on your campus’ highly populated areas, you can use Snapchat’s custom filter options to make one for your chapter. Below is a filter that is sized to be optimized for most smart phones.

Snapchat Filter png

General Art and Assets

If you would like to “Go Far” yourself, below are a suite of assets that you can use in addition to the resources above to make your own branded material. This will include multiple colors or the official Phi Kappa Tau logo, and iterations of the “Go Far” brand. These will be print friendly for most promotional materials such as t-shirts, fliers, etc.

If a different file is needed than listed here email llukacs@phikappatau.org for more specific art.

Phi Kappa Tau Red png

Phi Kappa Tau White png

Phi Kappa Tau Black png

Phi Kappa Tau Gold png

Go Far Branding Black png

Go Far Branding White and Red png

Go Far Branding White png