Chapter Services

The Phi Kappa Tau Executive Offices are committed to making sure your Fraternity experience is positive, empowering, and healthy. To further this, we have a dedicated Chapter Services team committed to making our undergraduates’ experience as beneficial as possible.

The Chapter Services Department covers all chapter operational areas and it is our goal to help provide support for all of the various stakeholders invested in the chapter. Our department stands ready to ensure every chapter has the resources and knowledge to help the Fraternity execute its mission.

Success Managers

The success management team are the primary in-office points of contact for all of the various stakeholders from chapter leadership and advisors to campus partners. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure that all chapters are supported and comply with all policies through a variety of different mechanisms. The team's three main focus areas are account management, leadership coaching, and project coordination.

Membership Services & Finance

The Membership Services & Finance team works to ensure accurate records regarding membership information within the Fraternity as well as managing the billing to chapters on behalf of the National Fraternity.

Education & Wellness

The Education & Wellness team helps provide support to chapter operations by ensuring our members are educated in a variety of different topic areas through national, regional, and local programming. Additionally, this team leads our Prevention and Wellness strategies organization-wide.

Chapter Leaders & Volunteers

Looking for resources? Most of our resources have been moved to the Resource Library on ChapterSpot. If you can't find something you're looking for, please reach out to your chapter's success manager.

Find your chapter or colony’s success manager here.

Campus Partners

Who do I contact regarding chapter conduct? Our Director of Chapter Services addresses chapter/colony conduct issues. You can contact our Director of Chapter Services here.