University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI

The Tau chapter of Phi Kappa Tau began as a group of hopefuls in 1922. What began as “The Phi Tau Club” turned into 24 men who would be brought into the fold as Brothers of Phi Kappa Tau just one year later. Unfortunately, the hard times of the 1930s would cause Tau, like many other chapters, to close its doors for a time. However, this would not be permanent. Like the initial 24 hopefuls who knew they were Phi Tau men, the doors would reopen, and others would be there to continue this spirit of hope at the University of Michigan.

Since then the chapter has come and go. Moved from house to house. Opened and closed. However, it is at this time that we see the need for the same reasons that the Tau chapter was initially founded. Almost 97 years later, Phi Tau will once again begin at the University of Michigan. 


Staff Recruiters


Alex Papke, Baldwin-Wallace ‘14


18 Zach Fuller.jpeg

Zach Fuller, Akron ‘16



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