Changes to the Regional Conference Curriculum

Lilly Steger

It’s almost Regional Conference time again! One of our most popular National Programs, Regional Conferences are a one-day leadership and officer development program hosted across each of our nine geographic regions. This year’s schedule is as following:

January 26th – Pacific Northwest (Alpha Kappa, Alpha Pi, Beta Gamma)

February 2nd – Capital (Alpha Theta Colony, Beta Omicron, Gamma Tau, Epsilon Beta, Epsilon Lambda, Epsilon Mu, Epsilon Chi, Epsilon Omega, Zeta Epsilon, Chi Colony)

February 2nd – Red River (Psi, Beta Alpha, Beta Kappa, Gamma Xi, Gamma Psi, Zeta Theta, Beta Theta Colony

February 9th – Leaders (Beta, Gamma, Epsilon, Phi, Alpha Alpha, Alpha Delta, Alpha Phi, Alpha Omega, Beta Mu, Beta Phi, Delta Lambda, Epsilon Rho, Zeta Beta, Zeta Kappa

February 9th – West Coast (Nu, Beta Psi, Beta Omega, Gamma Iota, Gamma Omicron, Delta Tau, Epsilon Theta, Epsilon Sigma, Epsilon Tau, Zeta Gamma, Zeta Omicron, Pi Colony)

February 16th – Southeast (Alpha Eta, Alpha Lambda, Alpha Chi, Beta Epsilon, Beta Iota, Beta Xi, Delta Gamma, Zeta Alpha, Zeta Eta, Zeta Xi, Alpha Rho Colony, Columbus State Colony

February 16th – Bluegrass (Delta, Theta, Kappa, Beta Beta, Beta Lambda, Gamma Beta, Delta Pi, Delta Rho Colony, Zeta Lambda

February 23rd – New England (Xi, Alpha Tau, Alpha Upsilon, Delta Chi, Epsilon Epsilon, Epsilon Kappa

February 23rd – Heartland (Zeta, Iota, Lambda, Mu, Beta Chi, Gamma Alpha, Gamma Mu, Delta Epsilon, Delta Omega, Zeta Zeta, Zeta Nu, Upsilon, Delta Beta, Omega Colony

The newly redesigned program will focus on three tracks: Prevention & Wellness, Recruitment, and Leadership Development. Phi Kappa Tau is very excited to unveil these changes to the curriculum that we believe better reflect the needs of chapter leadership.
The Prevention & Wellness Track will focus on preparing prevention plans for issues leadership may encounter within their chapter. During this track you will spend time developing an understanding of what prevention is, why it matters, and how to create meaningful change within your chapter. It is critical you attend the Prevention & Wellness training because beginning with Spring 2019 semester, all chapters will be required to submit a Prevention Plan for the Executive Offices to have on file.
Recruitment is the most frequently requested area chapters ask for help. The Recruitment Track will focus on how to plan recruitment activities, how to identify good matches for your chapter, and how to improve retainment. This track also gives officers the opportunity to share their best practices on a variety of recruitment and retention tactics and skills.
Finally, the Leadership Development Track will explore the fundamental qualities that make for a good Phi Kappa Tau leader: honesty, integrity, commitment, passion, and accountability. The Leadership Development track gives officers the opportunity to improve these qualities within themselves and learn how to better identify these qualities in others.
Regional Conferences are a fantastic opportunity to grow as a chapter officer and network with other Phi Tau leadership. We are very excited for the launch of this new curriculum and we look forward to hosting you at a Regional Conference. All registration links, deadlines, and details can be found here.