Undergraduate Advisory Board Seeking Applicants

The Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB) is a group of ten undergraduate brothers from chapters around the country who serve as the voice of all undergraduates to the National Council. Our members have direct access to the fraternity’s leadership and provide input, feedback, and ideas that impact the policy and decision-making from our elected National Councilors and Executive Offices.

A new function the UAB is developing has to do with fostering a chapter-to-chapter communication network for the sharing of useful information pertaining to recruitment, scholarship, and other best practices. Our greatest asset as a fraternity is the wealth of knowledge that our different chapters have and the UAB is looking to help share that knowledge on a peer-to-peer level.

The UAB is currently looking to fill 5 positions for a two-year term and 1 position for an interim one-year term. The selection process will be finalized and winners announced at Conclave this summer. The application is quick and easy, just looking to find out more about you as a candidate and why you are interested.

Application Deadline: Monday, July 1st, 2019

Click Here to Apply

Please reach out to the brothers below or the Executive Offices for more information:

Jonathan Zimmerman, President: zimmerman.jonathana@gmail.com

Ryan Lester, Vice President: rtlester@mtu.edu