Rutgers Celebrates 25th Anniversary


Lilly Steger

Last November, the Epsilon Kappa chapter at Rutgers University celebrated their 25th anniversary. Founded in 1993, the Epsilon Kappa chapter is now 46 men strong and boasts 297 alumni. 

The event was held on the Scarlet Knights football field. It was kicked off by remarks from the chapter President, Bhargav Lingala, Rutgers ’16, on the status of the chapter. Following Bhargav’s address were remarks from Alexander “Sasha” Kanevsky, Rutgers ’05, the chapter advisor. 

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After dinner, the outgoing Board of Governors chairman, Karl Freemyer, Rutgers ’08, spoke, as well as William Aprea, Georgia Tech ’91, one of the three founding fathers of Epsilon Kappa. The evening was closed by Fraternity CEO Tim Hudson, Truman ’97, who spoke at length about the chapter founding. Closing remarks were made by Luke Schneider, Rutgers ’05, the incoming Board of Governors chairman. 

Epsilon Kappa was featured in the summer 2018 edition of The Laurel for their thriving Board of Governors, managed by men like Sasha, Luke, and Karl. You can read about how they maintain and organize the group on pg. 18 here

Congratulations to Epsilon Kappa! 

Thank you to Sasha Kanevsky for sending this story in. If you have chapter news you would like to submit, please do so here. 

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